Beyonce always puts in 200% whenever she performs. Shes definitley earnt a spot in the entertainment industry as one of the few.


  1. We are human beings you people are saying that Beyonce is a devil worshipper but we are all sinners we make mistakes you don't know her relationship between God and her so save it don't judge her.I think Beyonce has a God-given talent, and I can tell she is very humble.But I think Imo if we are gonna talk about God don't curse and respect eachother beliefs please!And if people are being disrespectful to God,He will take care of them because He is the only judge.I'm not trying to start trouble or a riot but have some peace.

  2. I can't believe she is bigging up a child molester drug addict this is what's total wrong with Hollywood and the music industry allowing criminals to still be in the fame and glory of stardom I think Beyonce needs to make another video and back track on her Idol worship of Jackson , she should be deeply ashamed of her self .
    And before you bey lovers get your knickers in a twist ask yourself one question , would you allow you son or daughter to sleep unattended in a stranger's house let alone sleep in the same bed ?
    In my country the UK , no amount of money would have kept that creepy assed mofo out of jail he would have been sentenced as a pedophille and has his ass battered every day .

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