Dami- Nella Fantasia Feat. Helen Lee 192kpbs, Stereo

Nella Fantasia with special guest, Helen Lee (mother) at Dami Im’s Rectial 2011, Queensland Conservatorium Theatre, Brisbane, Australia.

Erhu: Nicholas Ng
Violins: Evan Setiawan, Minnie Hong
Cello: Minjin Sung
Piano: Sophie Min
Bass: Philip JAak

19 Replies to “Dami- Nella Fantasia Feat. Helen Lee 192kpbs, Stereo”

  1. Bravo! I am in tears what a beautiful singer you are Dami and Helen Lee together. I have to listen to this one again so I can cry some more. ūüėÄ <3

  2. Inspiring, beautiful, uplifting, fine, connected. What a blessing that we have these two persons in our life. Thanks you Ms Lee and Dami.

  3. Listening to this song made me cry – it's done so beautifully. Is she really from Logan? Unbelievable talent and discipline.

  4. Dami's mom should try out for X-Factor or The Voice…. the look on the judges when they find out she's Dami's mom would be priceless! Well, I guess Ronan and Sebastain already know who she is.

  5. Interesting to see how many empty seats there were in the auditorium in 2011. You can bet your last Australian dollar, there wouldn't be any empty places now!

  6. I have met her in person, she is adorable( thats Dami in my pic) ! Dami
    is simply stunning and what a fairy tale story to represent Australia
    at Eurovision 2016 with Sound of Silence,
    see her X Factor audition ..just magic..recent mega releases x Dami Im
    #superlove #gladiator #smile and her album #heartbeats, also released new album #ClassicCarpenters 4/2016 follow Dami http://www.facebook.com/damijazz she posts almost daily on whats shes up to .. #Damiarmy

  7. Dami, you never cease to amaze.  Opera too, and your mother has such a fantastic voice also.  You harmonize beautifully.  And the sound of the ehru gives such a haunting effect that mesmerizes.  Beautiful!!  You should record this.

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