Daymond John Thinks You Should Stop Waiting For Your Lucky Break

Daymond John is the best-selling author of “The Power of Broke”, a successful entrepreneur and judge on the hit tv show, Shark Tank. He has so much wisdom to share about starting a business, what you need to succeed, and why being broke could be your greatest secret weapon as an entrepreneur.

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19 Replies to “Daymond John Thinks You Should Stop Waiting For Your Lucky Break”

  1. Thank you Marie & Daymond for this amazing interview; so many great take-aways. I especially appreciated the perspective and advise on working at your day job while building your business and that it takes TIME. This was just what I needed to hear right now so thank you for the real talk.

    Also, I had the EXACT same experience with thyroid cancer that Daymond did: my primary care doctor noticed a lump on my throat, biopsy wasn't conclusive, surgery + full pathology showed a malignancy. I am so grateful for the care of all my doctors; never underestimate the power of a routine physical!

  2. Hi Na'Shawn, the Founder of Blue Heron Studios. I wanted to thank you both for this great interview and wonderful exchange. I don't quite have to words to express how this interview help push me forward. I too had Thyroid Cancer, but had to have all of mine removed. It is rare for black men like ourselves to get even such a unique condition, but I'm extremely happy knowing that you are successful still and happy Daymond. Being diagnosed since 23 for 5 years now has been a struggle, but it has taught me a lot too. You two are the positivity and truth the world needs more of. Thank you both so much for your lessons and inspiration.

  3. "Adult language" is, of course, an euphemism, and, of course a lie. It is diabolical language, the language of devils. "Bar tend" is not a verb. "Tend" is a verb, and "bar" is the direct object of what it is that she tended. She tended bar, she didn't bar tend. "Barring Tend" would mean that she refused to serve drinks to a man whose name was "Tend".

  4. This was one of the best interview, so real, authentic and informative. I love how transparent Daymond is! thank you Marie!

  5. Daymond, please learn about how thyroid is critical in every body cell and most functions and that hacking out half of it will lead to illness even if the link is not apparent, even if you take synthroid. Thyroid hormones affects or interacts with cholesterol/cardiac, metabolism, clear brain function, adrenals, pituitary, liver and the very energy in every body cell. You could be an ambassador for thyroid health and help millions.

  6. I was stunned to hear that he worked as a waiter at Red Lobster for 5 years. And I loved his advice "Don't quit your day job not quite yet."

  7. Hello, just found the channel, thank you for the good content, you do a really good, love your personality! blessings. Can you do a story on your life, how you got started, what do you do. That would be grand!

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