Kylie Jenner Admits She Hates Kendall Jenner on “Life Of Kylie” | E!

Kylie Jenner addresses her cold relationship with her sister Kendall on Life of Kylie, but admits they get along ‘most of the time’

Kendall and Kylie are only a year apart, but don’t seem to have much in common. On Sunday’s Life Of Kylie (Episode 6: London) more is revealed about their tense relationship. Kylie says, ‘We have different opinions. We do everything differently’. But the star did admit when they are in public they get along ‘most of the time’. In 2015 the sisters were seen fighting on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. At one point Kendall said she sometimes ‘hates’ her younger sister

20 Replies to “Kylie Jenner Admits She Hates Kendall Jenner on “Life Of Kylie” | E!”

  1. kendall jenner seems to be very stereotypes kind of people. thinking she just pretends to be kind and down to earth when she is not really tho

  2. lol what was that nasty comment about her pores? like first up everyone has pores and if you can see them, it probs means they're clean and unclogged. also don't put your sister down like that in front of people smh.

  3. Kendall talking to Kylie about not liking the way she looks reminds me of the way my mom would talk to me. We don’t speak anymore.

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