LA’s The Place chats with Fashion Star Winner Kara Laricks

LA’s The Place chief Jane Emery interviews Fashion Star winner, designer Kara Laricks via Skype about her win and her new designs in 3 different department stores, including Macy’s.

Next, Jane speaks with Fashion Star judge/ Macy’s buyer Caprice Willard.

3 Replies to “LA’s The Place chats with Fashion Star Winner Kara Laricks”

  1. I'm just finding out 2day who won! Watched most of the season,but I moved& was 2 busy 2 watch the last episode.I must say, I didnt c her winning,so this is kinda surprising, although I think I did like a dress or 2 that she designed on the show.On this video, I like the tie shirt&slacks,&the romper is very nice!The plaid dress is ok,but I don't like the pockets in the back.A good interview, but I wish the Macys buyer could have been able 2 speak.It was nice that Kara did acknowledge her though.

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