Lil Debbie – “SUMMER” – Official Video

“SUMMER” is the first single off Lil Debbie’s new Album, “OG In My System”
Pre-order NOW on iTunes

Album available EVERYWHERE August 18th 2017

Directed by: Jami Vorkink

Produced by: Farbod The God.

16 Replies to “Lil Debbie – “SUMMER” – Official Video”

  1. Her lyrics are fucking garbage. Her flow is ass, and she tries so hard to be ghetto. I've seen her in interviews from way back and she talks like a normal person. Only in her more recent interviews does she try so damn hard to fit in. She has a bangin body though, and she seems pretty intelligent when she isn't putting up this shitty front. Too bad she doesn't just be herself in her music. It would probably be a lot better if she did. This ghetto front is a window; we see right through it.

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