Project Runway: Mila Hermanovski’s Runway Show at Fashion Week | Lifetime

The moment of truth arrives for finalist designer, Mila Hermanovski as she sends her collection down the runway at New York Fashion Week to compete to win, in this scene from the season finale of “Project Runway” Season 7.

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19 Replies to “Project Runway: Mila Hermanovski’s Runway Show at Fashion Week | Lifetime”

  1. Mila is my favourite in the fact that I could actually wear and look good in her designs. Seth Aaron blows me away with his genius and innovations but they're not very wearable for me.

  2. I feel like this was the last season the show was truly awesome. There have been a few okay contestants in the past few years (Fabio and Dmitry come to mind,) but for the most part the offerings from the past few seasons have been pretty blah.

  3. i always come back to this video because theres so much to grasp on – the color- the movement- the music- the fabrics- shapes- patterns- the cut- its so intriguing

  4. To me this collection is the most commercial. That being said, it wasn't that it was underwhelming, rather it had to much going on. Though my favorite of the outfits was easily the one on 2:46. No matter what, it was a well done collection and it shocked me at how easy the outfits looked (I mean that as a compliment).

  5. I actually really liked Mila's looks. But they played it so safe. Not as safe and boring as Emilio's. It was in between Emilio and Seth Aaron. I'm really happy Seth Aaron won!

  6. It's very rare to see people wear clothes that stand out and look like this, most everyone dresses bland and universal. I love fashion.

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