Project Runway: Tim Gunn Upset with Gretchen Jones and Team Luxe | Lifetime

After the runway judging, Tim Gunn confronts the designers backstage and expresses his disappointment with the way that the Team Luxe designers handled themselves, saying they allowed Gretchen Jones to “manipulate, control and bully” them, in this scene from “Project Runway” Season 8 Episode 5.

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20 Replies to “Project Runway: Tim Gunn Upset with Gretchen Jones and Team Luxe | Lifetime”

  1. This episode was just ridiculous. They all blamed the person with IMMUNITY. Lol like what did they think? "Durr maybe if we blame the only person with immunity then the judges will probably revoke his immunity durrr"

  2. That season Ivy was worst and a bigger bully than Gretchen. All I can say is look at Michael Costello now! I'm so proud and happy for him. He was a great designer then and obviously a great designer now!

  3. i just finished watching season 8 and the contrast with season 7 was shocking! i'm not a gretchen fan (at all), but i think tim was way out of line commenting on the personal dynamics of the team. at the same time, i feel like there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that season… it seemed like they were trying to imitate the extremely dramatic reality tv trend of 2010 to get higher ratings. not a fan of that, to say the least.

  4. I'm very glad that Michael Costello over came all the other contestants underestimating, bullying, and throwing him under the bus by becoming successful in the outside world after this season finished (even though he didn't win). I can't even count the amount of times I've seen his work featured on big red carpet events.

  5. I wouldn't say Gretchen was "manipulative" but she definitely had control issues and directed the team to its unfortunate downfall. She was so focused on looking cohesive that she sacrificed her own and everyone else's design aesthetic–and then was more than happy to try and point her finger anywhere else but at herself for the blame. But what I am MOST surprised by this episode was how everyone backstabbed Michael C! They all agreed beforehand and promised not to choose someone as a weak link then the instant pressure was put on them almost EVERY SINGLE MEMBER (aside from the fun guy who went home) pointed a finger at C. How completely meanspirited. I am sure that what they are saying was actually somewhat true and they did have to help Michael C in construction, but he was not the reason the team fell–Gretchen's control issues and the entire team giving up their design aesthetics were. So the complete and total way everyone turned on him once it looked like they might be the one going home was in poor taste, and at minimum I'm disappointed in them for breaking their word and choosing him as a scapegoat.

  6. 0:34 She sounds 'totally' believable especially after she continues this crap the rest of the way, even going so far as to sabotage Michael C after being eliminated. What's even sadder is April mentioning that she knows Gretchen to be manipulative and yet allows herself to be taken in by her 'act'. Gretchen only beat Mondo in the end thanks to Michael Kors (thank god Zach is the replacement judge) and Nina who hates prints and color, see Season 9 Episode 4 if you need further proof or the finale of Season 12 where Alexandria almost won against Dom and has nearly the same brown and black junk Gretchen makes. Mondo is love, Mondo is life.

  7. This was perhaps the most frustrating season of PR. Besides maybe two or three designers, everyone was so hateful and petty. Oh and Michael C. is one of the most successful designers from the show thus far. He dressed Beyonce and several others. So…take that haters. 

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