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Watch our exclusive video for your first look at Reed Krakoff, the label set to transform your wardrobe this fall.

“Design is the lifeblood of what I do for a living” reveals Reed Krakoff. Influenced by art, his beautifully cut new collection is a modern masterpiece that’s perfect for smart-thinking ultra stylish women. Tune in to hear one of America’s hottest talents thoughts on design, culture, music and what inspires him.

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  1. Does anyone want to talk about his work, rather than his sexuality? By now, anyone who is into fashion should know that inquiring about someone's sexuality is pointless. Krakoff's design concept is very similar to Roland Mouret's and Alexander Wang's, in my opinion. And knowing that Krakoff has a strong architectural interest makes a whole lot of sense and is clearly evident in his designs. I must say that Lady Michelle looks absolutely amazing in Krakoff's dress on the cover of April's Vogue.

  2. The man is gayer than a peacock in drag. Sorry, I watched a clip of him showing his house which is immaculately decorated. I love his clothes and design sensibility. He is not fooling anyone by having a fake wife. Calvin Klein had a wife too and he ended up dating a guy a million times younger.

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