Thirty Years a Slave: A Chapter In The Life OF Elizabeth Keckley

Set in 1800’s America, A now free black woman is retelling her worst experience as a slave, where she was brutally punished for being “too proud” by the hands of her new master, his wife, and a hired man. This is but one segment of her life, born into slavery, and growing up to eventually earn her freedom.

Winner of the “Source Award” at Nottingham Bang Film Festival 2012

13 Replies to “Thirty Years a Slave: A Chapter In The Life OF Elizabeth Keckley”

  1. When this kind of things are shown to the public all the anger and rage that Blacks wreak on modern society reveals itself when BLM protesters riot and destroy our cities. The only thing I can't seem to connect is the looting. What part of their past validates looting?

  2. The sound quality is shity. Do a better job. White people had every right to keep slaves. Good for the white people. I am on the whites side.

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