Tommy Hilfiger Addresses Racist Comment Rumors

Fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger tells us about his new memoir.

Plus, Tommy addresses the rumors about the alleged comments he made about black people wearing his clothing.

17 Replies to “Tommy Hilfiger Addresses Racist Comment Rumors”

  1. She asked him he said it. He said no. There is no evidence he ever said it, and he has always embraced the hip hop culture, from what I remember, and vice versa. But guess who DOES have a list of racist remarks and actions… LV, Gucci, Prada, and especially Michael Kors, aka “I’m Tired of Pretending I Like Blacks”. GOOGLE IT! But sistas are going to keep rocking those over priced purses and pretending it never happened. If your going to be mad at a company for being racist, why not pick out one that has actually done it and not just because they are conveniently ''not in style'' at the moment. How many ''black own brands'' do we support now anyway? Let's be honest. At least Tommy OPENLY embraced the hip hop culture. You can't be mad at someone for something they did not do. PERIOD!

  2. Black People love to play the victim card! Blacks can no go 24 hours without crying racism, but get mad as hell when you point out all the black on white hate crimes going on, not to mention black on Asian hate crimes.

  3. he never said he didn't want black to wear his clothes. but in vibe he did say he was finished eight he hil hop crowd because they were fickle with their support. now timbaland shoe company did make it clear that rappers didn't represent their brand in 1992.

  4. the only racists I see here are the ones calling him a racist obviously he is racist only because he is white right that's how it works today. you ignorant shitbags are going to learn a very hard lesson if you keep pushing this agenda of yours keep it up.

  5. 2016 he's still defending himself from not being a racist… Watch me make a statement with my Tommy shirt I bought cause it was on sale and I had a store card I was never gonna use .. so I'm like what ever it's basically free

  6. I just watched the interview with him and oprah. It took oprah 10 years to invite him on the show to plead his case… I call bullshit.

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