“Whenever You Remember”- Belle (Wendy) and her prince (Jim Hawkins)

“Whenever You Remember”- Belle (Wendy) and her prince (Jim Hawkins)

I have seen this song used several times, and wanted to put my own spin on it, taking a different road then everyone else. Basically, what if this song was talking about a couple, who grew up as best friends, rather than just best friends?

Story: Belles true love has just died. Not long after he is gone, she goes to look for things to remember him by, and soon all of her memories from when they were kids coming flooding back through this journey of hers.

Belle= Wendy Darling
Prince= Jim Hawkins
Black- Present
Sepia/ Old Film- Childhood memories
Color- Memories all grown up

Clips: Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, and Treasure Planet
Song: Whenever You Remember
Performed By: Carrie Underwood

3rd Place Winner in LittleFanMade’s Disney Fanvid contest!

“La Belle & La Bête” 🔹GOLDEN WENDY

“La Belle & La Bête” 🔹GOLDEN WENDY

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