A Conversation w/ Nick Wooster | Trends, Project Wooster 3, & Supreme On KarmaloopTV

KarmaloopTV sat down with the legendary Nick Wooster at Project Wooster in Vegas to talk fashion advice, future projects, and what a Wooster Store might look like. Check it out!


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20 Replies to “A Conversation w/ Nick Wooster | Trends, Project Wooster 3, & Supreme On KarmaloopTV”

  1. What does he actually do? Does he design clothes or just have his own store? could someone enlighten me please? I love him though, been following his tumblr since he got it and he is my fashion role model for when i get into the years.

  2. Yeah originally I thought his voice would be much rougher but who cares? HIS STYLEis way too awesome than you guys. STOP judging his voice and accent cuz that's not the fucking points. Focus on the style tips Okay?

  3. Grow up.

    Awe the golden image of this Tumblr god is ruined by his sexual preference. You don't know fashion if you expect your favorite male designers to be straight.

  4. i'll be honest, i saw a hundred mighty model pictures of him, was astonished and searched him up here.
    didn't expect his voice to be like that… not that i was expecting anything particular

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