Aretha Franklin Brings President Obama To Tears Performing At Kennedy Center Honors

Aretha Franklin performed at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors this year, paying tribute to Carole King, who helped co-write the song she performed “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” The Kennedy Center Honors took place on December 6th in Washington, D.C., and just aired on TV last night, hence the circulation of this footage.

19 Replies to “Aretha Franklin Brings President Obama To Tears Performing At Kennedy Center Honors”

  1. Can't believe some of the ignorant comments on this post. This award show was honoring the incredible Carol King (the lady with the grey/blonde hair). Aretha sang Carol's song.

  2. Here is what BAD Obama did to America:

    Create racial tension so much by supporting BLM instead of police
    Freed Bowe Bergdahl US Army captive and cowardly desserter in exchange for 5 high ranking murderous Taliban in Guantanamo Bay – these 5 will go on to murder many more!
    Freed 700,000 illegal immigrants back into the USA many who had murder rap sheets
    Gave clemency to 200 drug addicts and drug dealers cutting their jail time in half
    Set in motion gay marriage without having a referendum
    Nuclear deal with Iran giving them millions of $$$ in exchange for supposed unfair sanctions placed on that country in the 70s
    Supported ISIS by sending arms and money to anti-Assad rebels in Syria

    Need anymore let me know? Obama is the biggest piece of garbage America has ever had as a President!

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