INFLAMMATORY MEDIA: On Michael Voris & Mrs. Niles

Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara respond to the latest barrage of unprovoked attacks leveled against traditional Catholics by Mr. Voris & Mrs. Niles (and their producer guy). Plus, a bombshell by the Catholic bishop in Kazakhstan.

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  1. If Micheal Matt is reading my comment, I would suggest you and the other Micheal to have productive dialogue and understand together the present issues in such a way that both agree upon one thing than obfuscating further the present scenarios of the Church. Are you guys too big to humble before one another? Shame on you both the Micheals!

  2. Michael will go after Cardinals, bishops and priests. However, you never hear him say a blessed word implicating Bergoglio in the present crisis. There is an old expression common in my country, "The fish begins to rot from the top!"

  3. I just pray Mr. Matt and Mr.Voris could get along…the power of this media forum is more important to the Catholic Church then personal disagreement.

  4. At 00:15:37, Michael Matt asks: "Why are we condemning the underlings [ie, bishops and cardinals] for simply obeying their superior?" and THAT is the key question both sides– Church Militant and The Remnant– should be debating.
    For some reason, Michael Voris seems to get under many people's skin. I personally think he imparts solid catechesis and raises valuable questions in his own right. And he carefully draws a distinction between the documents of V2 versus the abuses promulgated afterwards in the name of the Council. I have also been tremendously enriched by Michael Matt's big-picture understanding of Church customs and disciplines vs dogma and doctrine, presented in a historical context, especially regarding the issue of guidance of the Spirit vs human error (in another, absolutely superb Remnant video).
    In closing, I wish each side would be more respectful and supportive of each other's complementary mission, and understand that these disputes, distressing as they are, are merely more poisoned fruit of the ongoing crisis in our beloved Church. Ask yourselves: Cui bono? and the answer should be obvious: its name is, and always has been, "legion".

  5. Mr. Christopher Ferrera,
    The fact that you keep hammering on the gadgets and toys in the warehouse in Detroit doesn't change the fact that MV is a truth talker and is not afraid to call it like it is. Arrange a meeting with CM and straighten things out and bring your facts to the table.

  6. I could be wrong but in my opinion the SSPX would be better to just walk out of the catholic church, why waste so much time fighting the modernists in Rome and getting all this heat while you could spend this energy salving souls? The Orthodox church separated from the catholic church and it seems they are in better shape than us.

  7. I like Michael Voris and used to his old Vortex videos to teach Catholic middle-school kids doctrine back around 2009. Yes, he has a robust ego and is a slick salesman and self-promoter, but he keeps the faith and rallies those discouraged by Francis and the decline of the Church. Christopher seems to have a personal grudge against Voris; I mean, how many times did he make the cheap crack about Voris' "warehouse in Detroit"?

  8. those who couldn't accept the truth Michael Voris talk can be hurt…but those who are obedient to follow and accept the truth these can be heal.

  9. I am from Poland and I like to watch the churchmilitiant. I like Michael Voris and his programs. I think many of them made a sensible positive impact to the life of an ordinary and sometimes not very religious Catholics. By broadcasting them, he did a lot of good. His programs about very basic Christian truths leave the feeling of peace.

    I don't know what happened between you and him, but it's not nice to see when Catholics fight between each other. Have you prayed for resolving this issue before you approached Mr Voris?

    At last you represent the Catholic's medium and the Christian voice on the Internet and you ought to give a testimony that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. I felt weird watching above episod.
    I don't know if you and Mr Voris are aware that you are watched not only by Catholics from USA but by all people from around the world. The internal politics between you both may not be interesting to us. If you decided to transmit through the youtube please start to think about the audience which is watching you and you are able to reach.

  10. Your uncle was right, but perhaps Mr. Voris is in a lot of stress right now. I mean Pope Francis is an out right Fake. He is geting attacked on all sides, maybe he needs your help.

  11. I ve seen this voris character with a lot of homosexuals. Voris is or was or still is a homosexual. Many homos end up in so called latin mass movement and behave erraticaly. They all hate the sspx and have no reverence for anybody who goes against them.Voris is a filthy liar.

  12. Don't know much about this. I like Voris and I like the Remnant. Is Voris correct that the Remnant is a break-away group and that his ChurchMilitant is still "in the Church"? Just asking for clarification. I'll continue to watch Remnant and ChurchMilitant.

  13. Does anyone still listen to Michael Voris? He should have resigned from public "preaching" after his orientation scandal was revealed. He seems to have no shame, and a man with his past should be busy doing penance and working on his seeming lack of humility, not acting "better than thou".

  14. MV are afraid to disagree with PF, even to the point that the Catholic Doctrine is in danger.

  15. I am searching for more information and current events in the Catholic Church. I get them from both the Remnant TV and The Vortex. But I feel sad about the rift between the two. Can't the two camps be reconciled. We are fighting for the Roman Catholic Church, for Jesus, for his Bride which attacked by Satan on all sides. We are one house. Jesus said, a house divided cannot stand. Why not settle your differences in private and not in public like this forum. The rift is scandalizing. How can we attract the Protestants or fallen away Catholics to the Church if they cannot see unity in us? How can they say to the Catholics: Look how they love each other! In the book "True Life in God" by Vassula Ryden, Jesus said that humility is the key to unity. I hope both camps shall use that key. Otherwise, Satan wins the battle and we become all losers.

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