Morgan Heritage – Perfect Love Song

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The visual for the first single off their upcoming summer album Here Come The Kings (VP Records) is directed by Spencer Antle of Island Company and shot in sunny Miami, Florida.

© 2013 VP Music Group, Inc.

15 Replies to “Morgan Heritage – Perfect Love Song”

  1. Actually, this one of the most respected crew in the world.they inspire mi with alot.
    Whoever is listening this song 2017 pliz put your shoutouts?

    DT is the ANTI-MESSIAH, he will bring down America.
    He is the strong delusion and Christianity the great FALLING. The letter J is only 400-500 years old. The J sound is only 595 years old.

    Trump will bring America to her knees, the US dollar will crash, real estate market will crash, civil unrest, invasion and world war 3.

    GET YOUR CHILDREN PEOPLE AND RUN TO THE HILLS Have you guys haven't considered that maybe the reason why America is going ready to BURN is because of 400 years SLAVES and mistreatment of the original Hebrew Israelites.

  3. God bless you Morgan Heritage, been watching the video over and over .. To hell with racists on herehere. Black, white, brown or green, we are all citizens of mother earth

  4. Where the hell are the black folk please? Why is the only black woman in the video the one on the keyboard?

  5. I really like this song, but I do not like the video. There is absolutely no visual balance in this video…. it's irking to hear such a nice song and be jarred by cognitive dissonance and a display of 0(ZERO) self love. I hear you all with the one love talk… it starts with self love. This video is unsettling because it is over appealing to a white audience, who are not the core of this genre of music, and rejecting/ neglecting a world audience. (A few black people in a room full of white people does not equal balance.) There is NO visual balance in relation to the song style, genre, culture, or artist…. it's really sad. Take it or leave it, but this is what "selling out" and lack of true self love looks like. The director of this video did not do this song any justice.

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