Sherry Wolf – Israel is an Apartheid State: The case for boycott, divestment, and sanctions.

Filmed at UC Berkeley on April 17th 2013

20 Replies to “Sherry Wolf – Israel is an Apartheid State: The case for boycott, divestment, and sanctions.”

  1. The most secure place physically and economically and the most democratic for the Arabs is the State of Israel despite your fury will not help you What the Arabs do not accept that the Jews accept Arabs Enjoy all the best granted by the state Freedom of democracy Best educational institutions in the Middle East Hospitals The most advanced medicine did not see signs Entrance forbidden to Arabs in hospitals Or higher education institutions

  2. First big lies of this Pol Pot Marxist, Gaza is not in the hand of Israel since 2005. Ariel Sharon was the only leader who went back to the borders of 1967 in North Samaria and Gaza.100 % of Gaza is occupied by the terrorist organization Hamas whose chart calls for the extermination of the Jews. One week ago Brussels Airlines began to boycott the Halve, a Turkish dessert> They were invited in Israel, and they could see Jews and Arabs were working well together, and that the Palestinians got a salary double to the Palestinians in the corrupted Palestinian Authority, with the corrupted millionaire of the Fatah and Hamas.
    BDS SS are using the same than the Waffen SS of Himler. They want to exterminate the People of Israel. We should kill them before they kill us

  3. this person is a Marxist – really – do a search
    i hope I have saved you from wasting any time listening to this drivel

  4. i boycott as many israeli goods as i can…fuck em..they are the scum of the earth and wish theyd all just do one..then we will be peaceful…zionist peado creeps…

  5. This freak wearing a sweater with brooklyn written on it. Does this filthy Leftist freak know who was living in that area before the waSSp invasion that lead to their extermination????? This freak was born on a stolen land but she only has tears for Terrorstine.

  6. Sherry Wolf is either a liar or an imbecile talking about things she knows nothing about.
    Her lies can be refuted by a simple google search. Her audacity amazes me.

  7. How is Israel apartheid when 20% of Israelis are Arabs and there are even Arabs who serve as generals in the Israeli military. In addition, and this is little known, the injured Syrians actually get medical treatment in Israel. This woman is TOTALLY obnoxious and ignorance. Has she heard of Pallywood and the Arab lies? She needs to go see the Pallywood bloopers too. It was even on Anderson Cooper. Anyone who wants to boycott Israel should immediately stop using vaccine, cell phones, the computer etc….. Her history is all wrong too. Israel existed over 3000 yrs ago AND the Palestinians were actually not forced to leave at all. When the Arabs attacked Israel in '48, they fled and planned to come back after the Jews were killed. AND the ones who did not leave are still there and are citizens. This woman needs to go take a history 1A class. STOP YOUR LIES SHERRY!

  8. Another waste of storage, internet bandwidth.
    Sherry (man ? woman ? can’t tell), you need to travel to Syria/Iraq/Yemen and preach your verbal garbage to the. 
    You need to STOP using crack cocaine.

  9. There is a huge Israeli conspiracy to prevent Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, The Muslim Brotherhood, The Taliban, ISIS, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama Bin Laden, Bashar Assad, Muammar al-Gaddafi  and President Putin from bringing peace to the world!!!!!

  10. The apartheid is in two segments. The first is the Islamist Authority (PLO) which rules 97% of muslims in Judea and Samaria. That is apartheid because they do not live under the same laws and freedoms of Israeli government. The other 3% are ruled by the IDF government. The people who accuse Israel of apartheid would hate it if Israel destroyed the Islamist Authrority and disbanded the IDF government and restored Israeli law to Judea and Samaria. They would accuse Israel of stopping the self determination of the Islamist in Israel AKA "Palestinian" and of stealing yet more land. The land is Israel and the only question is will they live under what laws.

  11. you all clowns support the constitution called shariah law which states that…Bukhari (52:177) – Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."….genocidal racist pigs…

  12. Do these people REALLY believe what they preach? Have these intelligent folk been totally brainwashed.? How can they believe everything that they say? Have they ever been to Israel? Are they blind to the terrible goings on in surrounding countries?
    I would be the first to agree that Israel is not perfect.However when faced with suicide bombers and other attacks on innocent citizens in "Israel pre 1967 borders ,the wall was built and now attacks are minimal.When Hamas declares its intent to destroy Israel,and is now(after massacring many Fatah Arabs in Gaza)reconciling with them,is Israel supposed to leave itself exposed to danger? Since 1948,Israel has been attacked and outnumbered by hostile Arab states.The "west Bank" was captured in 1967 as a result of Jordan attacks of Jews were forced out of Arab countries and came to Israel,so in that sense folk have moved from both sides.However there are over 20% Arabs in Israel pre 67 lines.They have free access ,are in the government,and there is NO APARTHEID.Ask them under whose rule they would live given the choice.All religions and faiths and Races live here.
    Several years ago Israel painfully withdrew their people from Gaza.They left much infrastructure.The result was not peace as hoped.Instead over 10,000 rockets were fired at nearby settlements,each giving around 15 seconds warning,causing disruption to life,schools,kindergartens ands civilians in general.
    Over the pasdt many years,Arafat and Abbas were offered well over 90% of what they "requested" and refused.As with Rabin,any person offering peace on either side is in danger of assassination.
    We are presently in danger of Hamas gaining a foothold in the West Bank,with potentially dangerous consequences.Israel is only 15 miles wide in places,and so attacking it is not hard if they do  try.
    But most importantly,Abbas and others have already declared to their own people that any seemingly peaceful offer from them would be but a step in their ultimate ambition to have ALL of Israel.
    Within the general population of both sides,there are many peaceful people who only desire peace and there is much cooperation in many ways.However the politicians are a hindrance,and the Arabs indoctrinate their children as soon as they can talk,with hateful cartoons and programmes on TV
    Of course Israel also has its extremist settlers who believe in God given rights(I'm secular!) There are "price Tag retaliations after our Army(18 year olds fresh from school,giving up their best years to protect us) try to keep order,but it is not easy..
    I believe that it should be imperative to get children to not be taught to hate.Both sides should learn both Hebrew and Arabic.At least it would be easier to START dialogue.
    There are only 2 sorts of person,good and bad.This applies to Jews Arabs and Christians equally.We should try not to tar every one with the same brush.

  13. I know Palestinians can't vote because ya know why, because I'm Palestinian my family's property was destroyed by the damn zionists, last time I checked apartheid meant physical and legal separation of races, they built a wall separating us from their "settlements". So yeah

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