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Hosted by Tijana Ibrahimovic

G-Shock x Kenzo Digital present Dee & Ricky “Super Ultra Kara-tay”

G-Shock x Kenzo Digital present Dee & Ricky “Super Ultra Kara-tay”

Film Director and Video Artist Kenzo Digital releases his latest short film starring designers Dee & Ricky commissioned by Casio/G-Shock to launch the latest G-Shock watch designed by Dee & Ricky. An homage to 8-bit video game culture and Kung-Fu movies, “Super Ultra Kara-tay” finds fashion’s latest phenomenon Dee & Ricky as Kung-Fu students who must defend their Lego Shaolin temple against a nefarious villain and his swarm of ninja assassins. “Super Ultra Kara-tay” is an original and innovative new short film that fuses stop motion animation, martial arts, original music production, and Legos in a unique process that has never been done before.

Dee & Ricky, the New York based fashion design duo, have lent their trademark retro style to the latest edition to the G-Shock Family, the GA110DR-1A. This limited edition chronograph perfectly pairs an extra-large analog/digital with the Dee & Ricky design sensibility seen on fashion runways and metropolitan sidewalks worldwide. Available in July 2010, the GA100DR-1A will retail for $130 at select retailers.

Kenzo Digital is a new media artist and director based in New York. He has had films in the Tribeca Film Festival and Mill Valley Film Festival, and was a nominee for the Rockefeller Film Fellowship. He is the apprentice to world renowned video artist Nam June Paik (the father of video art), and has directed films, music videos and commercials. Kenzo founded Kenzo Digital Media, a New York based creative agency and production company that has done work for companies like L’Oreal, Sundance & IFC Channel, H&M, Nokia and the Obama campaign. His work has been critically acclaimed by The Huffington Post, Kanye West, Complex Magazine, Wired Magazine, and many others. He has several film and new media projects currently in development.

Hailing from Staten Island, Dee and Ricky Jackson are the twin brothers behind their eponymous accessories line Dee and Ricky. Completely self-taught, they picked up their design smarts watching their grandma behind her sewing machine and watching the fly stylish money makers run the streets and began customizing their own pieces in the 9th grade.

The brothers went on to create a hugely popular collection of Lego accessories, and while attending a function in the Hamptons in the summer of 2007 were spotted wearing the new designs by stylist Jason Preston. Preston in turn introduced them to designer Marc Jacobs, and a meeting at MJ HQ was quickly scheduled. Within days Dee and Ricky were hard at work designing a full range of Lego accessories for the Marc by Marc Jacobs spring ’08. Their signature belts and heart-shaped brooches are currently sold in boutiques across the globe including Colette in Paris and Kid Robot in New York and have been worn by an endless list of high-profile celebrities, the likes of Kanye West, Beyonce. Nigo Murakami and MIA.


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Directed, Written, Scored and Produced by Kenzo Digital


Dee & Ricky
Jack Sun
Master David Lin
Alex Han

Animation by Andrew Jive
Photography by Scott Jansson
2nd Unit Photography by Andres Karu
Motion Graphics and Edited by Eric Harnden
Sound Design by Jafbox Sound
2nd Unit Animation by Anthony Johnson
3D Animations by Paul Waszak
Coordinated by Jihye Ku
Special thanks to the crew: Nick Cusworth, Krystle Rich, Eleanor Kipping, Laura Murphy, Emily Kaplan, Justin Valls, Cody Umans, Wayne McElroy, Bravo Studios

A Kenzo Digital Media production

Compound Conversations: Dee and Ricky

Compound Conversations: Dee and Ricky

In our latest installment of Compound Conversations, the much-loved LEGO-based accessories designers and twins Dee and Ricky visit the New York studio. Completely self-taught, the duo initially made their first custom pieces in ninth grade — since then, their quirky aesthetic has made a name for the twins for its disarming whimsicality and authenticity. Having collaborated with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Casio G-SHOCK and PONY, we can expect much more from the creative minds of the twins. Here, Dee and Ricky talk about the meaning of family, their biggest role model, and their dream collaboration.

A Conversation with Dee and Ricky

A Conversation with Dee and Ricky

In the latest A Conversation With… video segment, Hypebeast catches up with the Brooklyn-based design duo — and brothers — Dee and Ricky. Having already showcased the twins’ forte in cuisine, it was only right that we joined them in their self-named restaurant. Known for creating bold designs in conjunction with in-your-face colors, Dee and Ricky are infamous throughout the world of customization and never fail to catch the attention of other brands — seen in the numerous collaborations with eclectic labels. Sitting down over a meal, we discuss the restaurant, future ventures for the two, attention deficit disorder and why they call NYC home.

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