Margaret Cho on Trump, Outrage Culture, and Comedy

Margaret Cho on Trump, Outrage Culture, and Comedy

Margaret Cho (comedian) joins Dave Rubin to discuss her background, whitewashing in Hollywood, and her recent dialogue with Tilda Swinton. ***Subscribe to The Rubin Report:

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My favorite moments from Margaret Cho: Beautiful

My favorite moments from Margaret Cho: Beautiful

My favorite bits from Margaret Cho’s hysterical new concert film… Please Enjoy! Donations via PayPal to [email protected] are appreciated but not required – as they help me to work on more edits for you!

Beautiful, comedian Margaret Cho pulls back the veil on the myth of beauty, and exposes her audience to a raunchy and hilarious ride.

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Margaret Cho | Norm Macdonald Live

Margaret Cho | Norm Macdonald Live

Margaret Cho joins Norm on Season 3 of Norm Macdonald Live!
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Margaret Cho | Norm Macdonald Live